Non-Qualified Executive Benefits

What are Non-Qualified Executive Benefits?

Non-qualified benefit plans are executive programs whose primary objective is to provide additional benefits to a company’s key executives.  The term “additional” indicates benefits over-and-above the benefits provided by the company’s qualified retirement plan or other benefits (group, life, disability).

How We Can Help

Historically, non-qualified deferred compensation plan sponsors have had to rely on professionals who were compensated through the sale of products such as life insurance or mutual funds for advice about non qualified plans. They have had limited access to independent and comprehensive advice and expertise. Taking a holistic view with the ability to align and integrate a company’s qualified retirement plan with its non-qualified plan is the best strategy for maintaining the overall health of a company’s retirement benefit package.

Fiduciary Advisors…. Not Sales Reps

Through our approach of plan analysis and bench marking, we help plan sponsors better diagnose issues, understand costs, streamline operations, and, ultimately, help ensure that their retirement plan accomplishes what it is intended to do: recruit, retain and reward the company’s most valuable employees as cost-effectively as possible.  However, additional benefits may be needed to acquire and retain top executive talent.   With no statutory limit on benefit amount, no minimum number of employees required to participate, and virtually no statutory reporting, non qualified plans have gained popularity over the years as an appropriate addition to the retirement planning arena.  We help senior executives reach their financial goals through the deferral of substantial current and future taxation while protecting these assets from creditors.

The five key components of our plan analysis and bench marking are:

  • Plan design
  • Plan financing and security
  • Plan administration 
  • Investment advice
  • Participant education and advice

We leverage decades of experience serving as a trusted partner, helping to guide retirement plan sponsors toward informed decisions with independent advice, cost transparency, and objectivity. Our comprehensive advisory services are designed to bridge the retirement gap that exists for your highly compensated employees.  Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your needs.